September 04, 2015

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HEART IS HOT hearts are made of 100% recycled glass gathered around the world, making this product a true gift to Mother Earth.

They are handmade in an American factory dedicated solely to eco-friendly policies, therefore emitting no toxins into the environment. Each is imprinted with a version of The Flower of Life Symbol and uniquely numbered with the intention to be passed forward in love.

Because each heart is individually created, there are slight variations in size, shape and heart finish.  We love this as our customers also vary in size, shape and finish. 

Hearts are packaged in an eye-catching re-usable aluminum gift box on a bed of recycled tissue paper, making them safe to ship.  The product also stands alone without the packaging, encouraging participants to carry them in their pockets or bags for that “right moment”. 

With unlimited potential for surprise, these hearts are a gift that will literally keep on giving for years to come.

You will receive the next heart numbers in line.

Price for 1-9: $19.99
Price for 10 or more: $15.99

Temporarily out of Stock.

Hearts are on backorder. If you would like to purchase hearts, email us at

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